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7 lesser known facts about working as a patent attorney

7 lesser known facts about working as a patent attorney

29 November 2017

Anna Mudge, Trainee Patent Attorney in our Life Sciences team, recently visited Durham University to give the students a talk on ‘Becoming a Patent Attorney’. Her discussions with the students prompted her to share seven lesser known facts about working as a patent attorney:

  1. The profession puts your scientific training to excellent use and you will use your technical knowledge every day.
  2. You are exposed to front-line involvement in new technology.
  3. You will have a large amount of interaction with clients. This will be interesting and varied, from meetings focusing on technical aspects to being involved with shaping your clients’ commercial IP strategy.
  4. You do not need a law degree or a law conversion course, just a strong scientific background.
  5. There are ample opportunities to foster worldwide networks and travel globally. The patent profession is truly global and you will be able to visit clients and attend conferences all over the world.
  6. Many firms are partnerships and offer opportunities to ascend into management positions.
  7. There are opportunities to be involved in face-to-face hearings and court cases if you wish to develop your persuasive arguing skills.

Anna joined Mewburn Ellis as part of our Graduate Training Programme in 2015. We are currently recruiting for our 2018 intake of Trainee Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys. Find out more about our Graduate Training Programme.