Celebrating 150 years of Innovation


Founded in 1867, Mewburn Ellis has grown into a vibrant partnership with the technical and legal expertise to offer IP solutions in all industry sectors. As science and technology continue to transform the way we live, we look forward to a future as positive and successful as our past.

Celebrating 150 years of Innovation

150 years at the forefront of innovation

When 27-year-old John Clayton Mewburn founded his intellectual property practice in 1867, he quickly set it on the path to a forward-thinking firm that embraced innovation.  Joining forces with George Beloe Ellis, a solicitor fascinated by new inventions and industrial property, the two men set about fulfilling their desire to protect the science they loved.

150 years on, Mewburn Ellis continues to operate at the forefront of innovation, protecting inventions, creatively solving client problems, and playing a leading role in the national and international development of the intellectual property profession.  Read more here.

As part of our celebrations and to mark our  anniversary we have commissioned a series of timelines to highlight significant innovations in some of the sectors in which we work.  Some of these can be seen here.