Graduate Recruitment


There is no formal deadline for applications. Vacancies are filled on a first come first served basis, therefore early application is suggested.

Graduate Recruitment

A career as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney

Our guide is intended to give you an idea of what it is like to work as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney at Mewburn Ellis.  We have tried to give a feel for what the day-to-day work involves – including both the good bits and the bad bits! We are sure you would prefer the real picture before  you invest your time and energy in applying for a career in which you will probably spend many years. Read further and you will realise that this is both a stimulating and rewarding profession, ideally suiting someone with an active mind and a desire to develop new skills.


We are now accepting applications from candidates for trainee patent attorney and trade mark attorney positions to start work in 2018.  The vacancies are as follows:

  • Two or three trainee patent attorneys with a physics, electronics, materials science, or engineering background.
  • Two or three trainee patent attorneys with a biotechnology background.


Candidates wishing to apply for any of the above vacancies should apply by email to with the following attachments:

If you have difficulties with the form or have questions about your application, please contact us at

Since we prefer to use e-mail to arrange interviews, please send your application email from the address to which you would like us to reply.

Written Work

To accompany the form we require the following pieces of written work:

For applications for trainee patent attorney vacancies

  1. A short (no more than 600 words) description of a kitchen implement (and not an electrical appliance such as a toaster or microwave) which explains what the implement does, how it is constructed and works and any clever features it has; and
  2. A single sentence which defines the essential features of a pair of scissors and which distinguishes scissors from a pair of cutting pliers (for example, one might define a “door” as a cover which is positioned by an opening in a wall and which can be moved to vary the extent to which it blocks the opening).

For applications for trainee trade mark attorney vacancies:

  1. Imagine you are about to launch a new drink. Select a trade mark for it and explain in around 500 words why you have selected it.

The Next Step

Those who are invited for interview are given the opportunity to discuss their CV, and scientific achievements where appropriate, as well as to ask their own questions about the job. They are also asked to do some more oral and written descriptive exercises. A second interview is held for candidates who are put forward from the first round.

Offers of training places are sent out as soon as suitable candidates emerge. As the number of training places is limited, application forms should ideally be submitted between November and Easter. However, we will consider applications outside the normal recruitment season, but this is dependent on the availability of training places.

Each year, new trainees generally start work in late September. The first week is taken up with an induction course, which we hope helps a new trainee to acclimatise to the Mewburn Ellis working environment.

Application checklist

Once you have completed your application, please use the checklist below to ensure that you understand what will be required of you, and have prepared all the work we need to be able to give you the best possible chance of success in applying to us.

  1. Have you read all of our Graduate Recruitment section?
  2. In particular, do you understand the way we rotate our trainees around our offices
  3. Is your application form fully completed?
  4. Have you provided your CV and covering letter?
  5. Have you completed and provided both pieces of work (for applicants for Patent Trainee positions) or the single piece of work (for applicants for Trade Mark Trainee positions)?

Please be aware that we do receive a large number of applications, to all of which we give our full consideration. Be assured that we will respond as soon as we can but, particularly at peak recruitment times, this may take at least a month.

Useful sources of information

Inside Careers  – is a comprehensive source of information available to students interested in a career as a patent attorney in the UK.

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys