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Frequently asked questions

This resource gives answers to some of the questions about IP that we get asked most often.

UK Registered Designs - The Basics

This resource deals with how to register your design in the United Kingdom.

Madrid Protocol - The Basics

The Madrid Protocol is an international system for obtaining trade mark protection for a number of countries and/or regions using a single application.

European Union Trade Marks - The Basics

Under the European Union Trade Mark system, the proprietor of a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) has a single, unitary registration, enforceable throughout the EU.

UK Trade Marks - The Basics

Registered trade marks give powerful rights to their proprietors and are very important and valuable assets.

International (PCT) Patent Applications - The Basics

It is possible to file a PCT application which, for a certain period of time, takes the place of the many individual foreign patent applications that would otherwise be required for protection abroad.

European Patents - The Basics

A European patent can be an easier and cheaper alternative to obtaining individual national patents in the countries which are members of the European Patent Convention (EPC).

UK Patents - The Basics

This resource contains information about obtaining a patent to protect your invention in the UK.

Published Article: Is the UK sufficiently protecting its innovation spend?

Partner Joseph Lenthall answers key questions about innovation spend in the UK.

Published Article - Brexit: European Commission sets out its position on intellectual property

With the first three rounds of negotiations complete, the European Commission has published its position paper on intellectual property. Stephen Hodsdon discusses the possible answers to some of the key questions surrounding EU trade marks post-February 2019.

Article: The Rise of Cellular Immunotherapy

Mewburn Ellis Partner, Fran Salisbury, and Associate, Adam Gregory, who are members of our life sciences team discuss the innovation and IP of cellular imunotherapies.

Disclosure of Search Results

From 1st July 2004 the UK Intellectual Property Office has been requesting the results of official searches produced by other patent offices to be disclosed. This sheet explains what needs to be done if such a request is made.

Designation, Extension and Validation States for European Patent Applications

For European patent applications filed since 2009, all available EPC member states are designated by payment of one designation fee. The EPO has a number of agreements with other countries. Under these agreements, the European patent application can be optionally “extended” to those countries (where available) through payment of an additional fee.

Domain names

The importance of trade marks is being increasingly highlighted by the rapid growth in use of the Internet. This sheet explains the process and some issues that you may encounter in choosing your own domain name, and the impact that other parties may have on your trade mark in their choice of domain names.

Direct European Patent Applications: Early Stage Procedure and Paying Search Fees

Here we set out the early stage procedure for European patent applications filed directly at the EPO, including divisional applications. We also set out the practical consequences of this procedure for prosecuting these applications at the EPO.