Dispute resolution


Our dispute resolution team complements our teams of patent, trade mark and design attorneys by advising on all contentious IP matters in the UK, as well as providing strategies for multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is a regular part of many of our attorneys’ daily work – our patent attorneys regularly handle complex patent oppositions, whilst our trade mark attorneys are used to dealing with trade mark oppositions, cancellation proceedings and settlements. However, when contentious matters escalate and, in particular, when issues of infringement arise, then our dispute resolution team steps in.

Dealing with infringement of IP rights

The dispute resolution team includes patent, trade mark and design experts covering a wide range of technical backgrounds as well as solicitors specialising in IP.  All members of the team are either qualified solicitors, hold, or are working towards, patent agent litigator certificates or have significant experience in litigation proceedings.

Our dispute resolution team advises our many and varied clients on how to deal with suspected infringements of their IP rights. They are also experienced at handling accusations of infringement from third parties.

The aim of the dispute resolution team is to resolve these issues as smoothly as possible with the best possible outcome for our clients.

IP Litigation – court proceedings

When no resolution is possible, our dispute resolution team is able to handle all aspects of the litigation, including pre-action procedure and the court proceedings themselves.

A key member of our team, Stephen Hodsdon, has trained as a barrister at one of the leading IP chambers in London and has substantial experience in all aspects of IP litigation. In 2014 he was awarded a Higher Courts Advocacy Certificate giving him full rights of audience in all relevant courts, including the Patents Court (High Court), Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) and on appeal from the Patents Court or IPEC.

In some cases we will recommend instructing a firm of solicitors, particularly where the case is likely to require significant resources. We can recommend appropriate firms to use and of course we will continue to assist on specialist matters throughout litigation.

Specialist IP assistance for solicitors

Many of our attorneys have also been involved in assisting larger litigation teams. Our attorneys can provide specialist technical assistance in areas such as prior art searching and the preparation and analysis of expert witness statements.