IP business advice


IP protection is paramount in developing a competitive edge and safeguarding business in a global marketplace. However, navigating intellectual property is complex – it can be tricky distinguishing which rights are fundamental to business, and which rights offer little commercial benefit.

IP business advice

At Mewburn Ellis we can provide the strategic advice needed to help maximise the potential of IP and increase the value of the business. We do this by placing business goals at the heart of any IP strategy and ensuring all our attorneys have excellent commercial sense.

Clear, straightforward advice

Whether we are auditing existing patent, trade mark and design portfolios and proposing methods for their management, or advising on future filing strategies, commercial activity will always be at the forefront of our minds.

We don’t cloak ourselves in legal jargon. We offer clear, straightforward advice. We are used to communicating IP strategy at all levels. We see the benefits of working directly with CEOs and FDs to make sure the boardroom recognises the advantages of a well-run IP portfolio.

Minimise infringement risks

Once integrated into the heart of an IP strategy, we will be proactive in looking after IP rights. We can map out, monitor and advise on the validity of competitors’ IP rights. We can identify opportunities and give the advice needed to minimise infringement risks prior to the launch of a new product or service. We can highlight government initiatives that may be financially rewarding.

Financial incentives for IP

Over the past few years a number of government schemes such as R&D tax credits and innovation vouchers have focused on financial incentives for innovation. Our attorneys are well versed in them all. We can also help clients develop an IP portfolio allowing them to take advantage of the tax incentives provided by the Patent Box.

Finally, with our in-house legal services team and IP attorneys working together, we can assist in all aspects of IP in corporate transactions. We are well practised in carrying out due diligence, regularly advising vendors and investors on the IP rights involved in corporate deals such as mergers, acquisitions and IPOs. And we are used to appraising all IP aspects of contracts and licensing agreements, as well as other regulatory matters.