IP training


At Mewburn Ellis we want all of our clients to realise the importance and true value of their IP. We want to help them exploit their IP rights for real business benefit. Training them on IP issues is one way for us to achieve this.

IP training

We have a long history of providing IP training to many of our clients and also to the general public. We ensure that the training is tailored to an individual client’s specific needs, both in terms of the content delivered and in terms of the style and method of presentation.

IP Seminars

We regularly provide IP seminars to many of our UK clients, especially to our university technology transfer clients. The topics covered are varied and often dictated by specific requests received from clients. We also take an active role with university departments, lecturing on IP rights to science undergraduates as part of their degree course.

We have a long history of providing seminars on European patent, trade mark and design law to our overseas clients and also to many foreign IP organisations.

We run a number of patent clinics that provide informal advice to our clients. We are also involved in patent clinics for the general public on a wide range of IP issues.

Successful long-running European patent law training course

For more than thirty years, we have run an annual 2-week training course in European patent law and practice primarily for attorneys practising patent law in Japan, Central and South East Asia. This is always well attended and in 2012 we held a party for previous attendees at the UK Embassy in Tokyo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the course.

We are engaged with the promotion of IP rights globally; our attorneys are regular speakers at the leading IP conferences around the world.