Graduate recruitment is core to our firm and something we have invested a lot of time and energy into.



Graduate recruitment is core to our firm and something we have invested a lot of time and energy into. We currently have over 20 trainees at the firm and this number is growing. We have traditionally hired five trainees per year, but this has now doubled to more than 10 in 2018. We expect this growth to continue as the firm gears up to meet our ambitious growth strategy.

Mewburn Ellis provides a balanced professional education in conjunction with experience of a broad range of practical work. To achieve this, our trainees work with at least four partners or senior members of staff. We move trainees between principals about every six months and often this involves a change in geographical location too. After about three years we expect a trainee to have settled into one of our offices to further develop their career.

Please use the links below to find out more details about our graduate recruitment programme and what it’s like to work at Mewburn Ellis.

Training at Mewburn Ellis

This guide is intended to give you an idea of what it is like to work as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney at Mewburn Ellis.  We have tried to give a feel for what the day-to-day work involves – including both the good bits and the bad bits! We are sure you would prefer the real picture before  you invest your time and energy in applying for a career in which you will probably spend many years. Read further and you will realise that this is both a stimulating and rewarding profession, ideally suiting someone with an active mind and a desire to develop new skills.


We are always open to applications from candidates for trainee patent attorney and trade mark attorney positions.

To apply for these roles please follow our Application Process

Job Applicant Privacy Policy

As part of our recruitment process, Mewburn Ellis collects and processes personal data relating to job applicants. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data ensuring that we are compliant in relation to our data protection obligations.  Read our Job Applicant Privacy Policy for more details.

Join us for an Open Day

Mewburn Ellis is committed to training the next generation of patent and trade mark attorneys. As part of this commitment, we hold an annual open day for prospective patent attorneys in each of our four UK offices. Trade mark open days are held less frequently, and typically take place in our London office. Both patent and trade mark open days aim to give prospective attorneys an idea of what the job involves on a day-to-day basis.

During the course of the day there is a series of talks and practical exercises, covering topics such as patent drafting, patent prosecution and managing the workload. The day also offers plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the job, and about Mewburn Ellis.

Dates for 2020 will be confirmed nearer the time.