Why choose us


Mewburn Ellis is the forward-looking IP firm. We work with organisations building the brands and technology that will define tomorrow. Whatever you do, wherever you're based, and whatever your size, we can help you navigate your business journey, using Intellectual Property to imagine, plan, nurture and protect your innovations and deliver them to market.

Why choose us

We’re Forward-Thinkers

We work with clients at the forefront of innovation. We were involved with one of the first patent applications for genetic engineering and advised on water purification technology for the International Space Station.

We’ve helped shape EPO practice. Areas where we’ve made significant contributions include dealing with biotechnology inventions, extending medical use claims to cover new clinical settings, and how they assess an invention’s technical character and inventive step. Significantly, various cases handled by our attorneys feature in the EPO’s ‘White Book’ on case law, which is considered by many in the industry as the most important book on their desk.

We obtained the first biotech patent that was litigated in the UK. We also worked on the first anti-anogenic cancer drug to receive marketing approval since 1999. IAM 1000 says we ‘blaze trails in biological and pharmaceuticals’.

We’re early adopters of technology. We beat the Patent Office to the iconic PATENT LONDON telegraphic address in 1887. We were one of the first businesses to install a telephone in in 1902. We built our own, bespoke IT software in 1990. And we have operated a paperless office since 2009. WTR1000 describes our IT as ‘state of the art’.

We’re Bold Commentators

We started shaping the IP profession over 100 years ago. We were one of the founding members of CIPA in 1884. We helped draft the European Patent Convention in 1973. We continue to influence our industry today, with our attorneys active on committees and lecturing for key professional bodies such as FICPI, CIPA and CEIPI.

Our articles and comments are regularly featured in key IP publications. We have featured in leading publications from The Times, Metro and Global Legal Post to Raconteur, Managing Intellectual Property Magazine, IP Magazine and IAM Magazine.

We’re Trusted Advisors

Our clients value the breadth and depth of our expertise. As one of the largest IP firms in Europe, there is always someone to call whatever the IP, legal or technology need. IAM 1000 says, we’re trusted because of our ‘meticulous drafting proving armour-plated patents’. WTR100 praises our ‘rock-solid and thorough advice’.

We build strong and long-standing relationships with our clients. Around 45% of our clients have worked with us for over 20 years. Some of them started as small start-ups many years ago and we’ve stayed with them, working as an extension of their in-house teams and joining them on their business journey.

Our clients tell us that we work with them as true partners. They trust us to give an honest opinion and not to sugar-coat our advice. They like that we offer fresh and nuanced insights, contribute to their idea creation processes and provide business-minded solutions.

We’re Trained for Excellence

We are renowned in the profession for our training programme. We currently have over 20 trainees in our firm. Those that join us stay, too – almost all of our partners having trained at the firm. Investment in people is key, and it’s our commitment to the highest standards of training that makes a Mewburn-trained attorney excellent.

We are top tier in Legal 500, a recommended firm in WTR 1000, ranked in MIP IP Stars and Gold, Top Tier in IAM 1000. The IAM 1000 describes us as home to a ‘phalanx of technically gifted individuals – many of whom were trained in house’.

We have and work with some of the brightest and best minds in the business. Nearly 70% of our partners have PhDs. We are known for our technical excellence and for the strength of our scientific understanding. We work with eight out of the top 10 universities in the UK.