100% Recycled Panel Company


100% Recycled Panel Company was established on the basis of an invention that enables flat structural panels to be moulded from recycled plastics. The strength and exceptional surface finish of the panels make them unique.

100% Recycled Panel Company

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As a new company, with no previous experience of patents, 100% Recycled Panel Company approached Mewburn Ellis to help them protect their invention.

“I always enjoy working with inventors – people who have developed creative products that can revolutionise the marketplace. Protecting intellectual property is fundamental to their growth and it was great to be able to assist 100% Recycled Panel Company in this process.” Simon Parry, Mewburn Ellis partner.

Helping develop a comprehensive IP strategy

Simon Parry, a partner and patent attorney at Mewburn Ellis, was on hand to help right from the start. He advised the company on procedure and worked with them to develop an international filing strategy with a view to maximizing the extent of their IP protection.

Understanding the commercial pressures

Conscious of the need to buy time to test the commercial viability of their new manufacturing process, Simon Parry advised the company to apply for an international (PCT) application. The PCT application was eventually split into various national and regional patent applications.

Protecting IP across the globe

The patent was granted at the European Patent Office (EP2476534B) and accepted for grant in the US on an accelerated basis using the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) based on the granted European patent. The Russian Federation patent is now granted too.  The Application remains pending in Canada.

Mewburn Ellis partner and trade mark attorney, Roger Grimshaw, has also assisted 100% recycled panel Company to protect their RECHIP trade mark and logo in the EU by filing applications for a Community Trade Mark registration.

Patented technology helps secure funding

100% Recycled Panel Company have found that their intellectual property portfolio has been vital in securing investment funding. This funding has been central to helping them develop their production process in a relatively short period of time.