Airbag client


Our clients, who work in the field of automotive safety equipment, had a steering wheel airbag product which they wanted to market. They were concerned about a European patent granted to one of their two largest competitors and wanted to oppose it.

Airbag client

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Simon Parry, a partner at Mewburn Ellis, was confident that he could get the patent revoked in opposition. He prepared the written submissions and attended the oral proceedings at the EPO. He was successful at the hearing and the Opposition Division revoked the patent. The patentee, our clients’ competitor, was understandably unhappy and appealed against the decision. Simon Parry was then responsible for preparing the written submissions in appeal and attending the appeal hearing at the EPO.

Success in Appeal

The oral proceedings before the Board of Appeal were held in German. During the proceedings, the Patentee submitted multiple last-minute amendments, all in German, and all of which Simon Parry was successfully able to argue against. The client was delighted with Simon’s success at the hearing. With the Opposition Division’s decision upheld and the patent irretrievably revoked, the path was clear for our client to produce their steering wheel airbag product for major vehicle manufacturers.