Box Steam Brewery


Mewburn Ellis has recently helped Box Steam Brewery to devise an IP strategy to help protect and develop their trade mark portfolio as the company increases its exposure in the market place.

Box Steam Brewery

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Box Steam Brewery Ltd is a family firm, founded in 2004. It is based in Wiltshire and produces a range of award-winning artisan ales.

Increased global exposure for Brewery

Edmund (Ed) Harrison, a trade mark attorney in our food and drink sector team, lives locally to them and recently took the initiative to visit the brewery to advise Box Steam Brewery on how the business could protect and develop its trade marks.

At the time, the company had not sought any trade mark protection but was on the verge of selling through a national supermarket chain, with plans to expand into foreign markets. This increased exposure inevitably leads to increased risk of imitation by third parties.

Delivering an effective IP strategy within tight budgetary constraints

Ed has built us a strong rapport with the Brewery and taken time to gain a good insight into their business. As a result, Ed and the brewery have worked closely together to develop and implement an effective IP strategy that protects the brewery’s commercial position, prioritises which marks to register and in which territories and, crucially for a small business, makes the best use of a limited budget.

Ed has also provided advice to Box Steam Brewery to help them avoid infringement of third party rights when launching