Cream Holdings Limited


Mewburn Ellis is responsible for the management of the Cream Holdings Limited’s trade mark portfolio and has successfully handled over 100 trade mark opposition cases on its behalf in various territories around the world.

Cream Holdings Limited

Cream Holdings is a leading entertainment company. It operates night-clubs, arranges music festivals and events, and produces records, CDs, tapes, and associated merchandise, including a range of clothing. Founded in the UK in 1992, it now enjoys an impressive global reach.

A brand with an international reputation

Cream Holdings owns the iconic brands Cream® and Creamfields®, and their logoCream logo®.

Cream Holdings first achieved recognition as organisers of club nights in the UK and Ibiza. The subsequent success of Creamfields® festivals has led to the establishment of a brand with an undisputed worldwide reputation for outstanding dance music entertainment. Creamfields® festivals have been held in the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Uruguay, Turkey, Lithuania, Mexico, Russia, the Czech Republic, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Portugal and Australia. The UK festival has won the award for Best Dance Event at the UK Festival Awards a record seven times.

Trade mark protection essential for business

Cream Holdings understands that to protect the value of its brands it needs to be vigilant in ensuring trade mark protection. At Mewburn Ellis we have helped them actively police their brands. We regularly take appropriate action against third parties who adopt similar branding in their sector. In recent months successful actions were brought against third parties in South Korea, Turkey and Romania.