Only by safeguarding the IP of its unique product range can EcoTechnilin reap the deserved commercial benefits of its innovations.


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EcoTechnilin is a leading provider of natural fibre solutions and a key developer of the award wining FibriRock composite. As a small, innovative player protecting IP is critical to EcoTechnilin’s success.

Mewburn Ellis partner, Matthew Naylor has worked with EcoTechnilin’s R&D facility in Cambridge since 2006. He has helped it build up a portfolio of patent applications directed to its products, including FibriRock.

Award winning innovation

FibriRock is used in the SmartCart – a lightweight airline galley cart, which combines low weight with industry-leading security technology. It enables airlines to save weight and costs while using a sustainable, bio-sourced technology.

The aircraft and rail industries are under huge pressure to use sustainable materials. FibriRock cures 15 to 20 times faster than existing materials. Lightweight composites already play a crucial role in lessening the environmental impact of aviation by reducing fuel burn and emissions, but until the invention of FibriRock, it was not thought possible that these composites could consist of over 55% organic, renewable, truly sustainable components.

EcoTechnilin, with its partner TransFurans Chemicals, won a JEC 2014 Innovation for its groundbreaking innovation in composites.

Thanks to the careful patenting of their products, EcoTechnilin are well placed to reap the financial benefits of this groundbreaking innovation.