Japanese chemical company


Mewburn Ellis works with a Japanese chemical company to help them secure and enforce intellectual property rights in Europe. We helped them prevent the distribution in the UK of an imported agrochemical which was the subject of one of their supplementary protection certificates.

Japanese chemical company

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The Japanese chemical company manufactures chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals and has a large portfolio of patents and supplementary protection certificates covering its various products around the World.  Mewburn Ellis partners Jonathan Wills and Julie Carlisle help them to secure intellectual property protection for their products in Europe.

The Japanese company became aware that a Chinese competitor was manufacturing an agrochemical that was the subject of a supplementary protection certificate based on an EP(UK) patent.

Filing customs watch applications

Mewburn Ellis partner Tanis Keirstead has experience filing and maintaining customs watches both in the UK and across the EU.

After being contacted by the Japanese company, Tanis filed a customs watch application for the agrochemical that was put into effect by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).  She was subsequently alerted to the impending importation from China of a large consignment of the agrochemical by a UK importer.

Successful Negotiations

Matt Naylor and Julie Carlisle who form part of the Mewburn Ellis dispute resolution team negotiated directly with the UK importer on behalf of the Japanese company.  Negotiations resulted in the importer agreeing to and covering the costs of the destruction of the consignment.  The consignment was duly destroyed by the UKBA, and the Japanese company avoided the need for court proceedings.