Mewburn Ellis helped entrepreneurial start-up Wadaro protect its unique software, which allows mobile network operators to measure the performance of their networks.


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Wadaro is a UK based software company established in 2005.  It specialises in the development and deployment of software allowing almost real-time analysis of the quality of service mobile network operators are providing to their customers.


The software relies on their Total Analysis Package (TAP) technology which gathers performance information from individual phones.  This technology has been successfully patented with the help of Mewburn Ellis partner, Graeme Moore.   Graeme has helped Wadaro navigate the complex issues that arise when attempting to patent software-related inventions in Europe.  Being a start-up, it was important for Wadaro to obtain commercially focussed and cost effective IP advice.  The filing strategy devised by Graeme aimed to minimise early costs whilst providing opportunity to obtain the maximum possible scope of protection through the later filing of carefully considered divisional applications.


Wadaro has gone on to deploy TAP across Africa, Latin America and Europe and was recently selected as a Red Herring 2015 Global 100 Company based upon their technological innovation, market size and financial health amongst other criteria.