Mewburn Ellis is proud that WIPO-IPOS has recognised WisTa’s “relentless efforts” in commercialising neurodegenerative treatments


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In the prestigious 2014 WIPO-IPOS Awards, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) named WisTa top, out of 50 companies, in the IP Commercialisation category. The judges were particularly impressed by WisTa’s “relentless efforts” in commercialising products that can treat neurodegenerative diseases. Mewburn Ellis, who have been advising WisTa on all aspects of their IP strategy since 2000, are proud to have played their part in such success.

Work with spin-out company

WisTa Laboratories Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TauRx Pharmaceuticals, with research laboratories in Berlin and Aberdeen. Mewburn Ellis has worked with WisTa and its predecessors since the company’s spin-out from the University of Aberdeen in 2000. Work has focussed not only on patent and trade mark rights but has also included important work by our legal services team

In the earliest days, Mewburn Ellis worked closely with the University Research and Innovations services. Subsequently, when the company was formed, Mewburn developed IP strategies to protect its core tau-aggregation inhibitor technologies. This culminated in an extensive patent portfolio that includes patents covering medical uses, proprietary assays, systems, ligands, NCEs, processes, formulations.

Due diligence, collaborations, exclusivity

An important feature of Mewburn Ellis’s long-standing partnership with WisTa has been Mewburn Ellis’s role in not only protecting the IP, but also promoting it – through due diligence, through collaborations, and through exclusivity strategies. Such activity has helped to advance WisTa both financially and technically: the company has raised some US$300 million through angel investors, and has a drug in Phase III trials for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia. Our legal services team drafted and advised on a high value Biomarker and Assay Development and Exploitation Agreement with Proteome Sciences plc to develop diagnostic panels to detect AD and monitor treatment efficacy.

Extensive international trade mark portfolio

Mewburn Ellis’s work for WisTa has also included the filing, prosecution and management of their international trade mark portfolios as well as resolving third party disputes though oppositions and other contentious proceedings, and the negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements. Mewburn Ellis is currently managing an ongoing filing programme for a new brand in over 64 territories plus the EU, making extensive use of Madrid Protocol system as well as Mewburn Ellis’s well-established network of foreign attorney contacts.