Legal & Business advisors


Working comfortably alongside tax advisors, accountants, solicitors and business advisors

Legal & Business advisors

At Mewburn Ellis we are always happy to collaborate with other professional advisors to ensure your clients benefit from “joined up” thinking when it comes to their IP strategy.

We see ourselves as playing an important role, often as an active part of a service team of accountants, tax advisors, business advisors and solicitors, which means your clients benefit from expert IP advice that makes real business sense.

A reputation for excellence in IP

We have been market leaders in the world of IP for over 100 years. We are a firm of European and UK patent and trade mark attorneys specialising in obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights for our clients.

We are well known and respected by many other professional service providers. Renowned for being easy to work with, we believe in taking a clear, straightforward approach that delivers results.

A clear straightforward approach to IP

We often work alongside tax advisors and accountants on the “Patent Box”. This reduces the rate of UK corporation tax your clients pay on profits derived from certain IP rights.

We have close relationships with many solicitors’ firms and are used to advising on IP rights during mergers and acquisitions, carrying out due diligence and performing other specialised functions. Many of our attorneys have also been involved in assisting larger litigation teams.  Our attorneys can provide specialist technical assistance in areas such as prior art searching and preparation and analysis of expert witness statements.

Often we work alongside business advisors, helping you identify your client’s existing and potential IP rights, carrying out IP audits, and devising strategies for portfolio management and new filings.

And our professional services team can also help you to protect your own intellectual property.