Start-ups & spin-outs


A genuine understanding of the intellectual property needs and commercial goals of start-up & spin-out companies

Start-ups & spin-outs

At Mewburn Ellis we have a wealth of experience working with start-ups & spin-outs across a wide range of industry sectors. We are renowned for being flexible in the way we work, varying our input to fit your needs.

Whatever your IP requirements, we can create a bespoke team of experts to serve you. An experienced in-house legal services team and our dispute resolution team support our internationally renowned team of patent, trade mark and design attorneys.

A wealth of experience of IP for start-ups

We are often involved right at the moment of a company’s formation. Many of the spin-out companies we work with are born from patented technology we have procured for universities and research institutions. We have an unparalleled reputation across life sciences and are seen as the ‘go to’ firm for all UK and European IP rights.

We are highly experienced in the complex apportionment of patents and patent applications between the parent academic institution and the spin-out company. Our in‑house legal services team has been involved for many years in licensing transactions including: licence negotiations, and drafting licence documents. They can also advise on technology access through pipeline agreements, technology transfer arrangements, options and rights of first refusal.

IP advice tailored to meet your needs and budgets

We tailor our advice to meet your needs and budgets. We work for well-established spin-outs with considerable IP portfolios, as well as newly formed companies with no published patent applications. Our extensive experience in this field means we are able to provide high quality advice at all levels of progress.

We seek to build relationships with the relevant people in your organisation. We want to ensure we have not only a technical understanding of your business, but also a firm grasp of your commercial goals.

We passionately believe your requirements come first and we always strive to fit our work around your needs. We are always happy to take a flexible approach.

In-house assistance and business advice

The most successful relationships are born when we are truly integrated into your IP strategy. We are happy to provide in-house assistance and work as part of your team. We enjoy working closely with your other business advisors to ensure your IP portfolio delivers the results you need.

All our attorneys are well versed in the government schemes focused on financial incentives for innovation. We can help you benefit from the government growth accelerator, innovation vouchers and the latest R&D tax credits.

Finally, our dispute resolution team is always on hand to provide advice on any contentious IP matters you may face.