FICPI World Congress 2018

FICPI World Congress 2018

25 5月 2018

Robert Watson will be attending the FICPI World Congress 2018 which is taking place in Toronto, Canada from 3-10 June 2018.

The focus of this year’s FICPI World Congress is change. Picking up from themes discussed at the 2015 World Congress in Cape Town, this event aims to explore how changes that are driven by the advancement of technology, including artificial intelligence, will impact the intellectual property industry. In particular, the congress will focus on the changes that IP practitioners in private practice will have to make to survive in this rapidly changing world.

Robert will be there in his role as Vice-President of FICPI’s Work & Study Commission (CET) and will be moderating a session on Trade Agreements and IP.

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If you will also be attending and would like to meet up with Robert, please do get in contact with him directly.