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Frances Salisbury

Partner, European Patent Attorney


Frances Salisbury
Frances Salisbury

Frances is a member of our life sciences patent team with expertise in the agricultural sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Frances is a member of our plant variety rights team having completed the official World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) course on plant variety protection under the UPOV convention.

Her expertise includes:

  • plant-related inventions, including genetic modification techniques and transformation
  • plant-derived pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • biologics – nucleic acid and antibody therapeutics
  • Biomarkers
  • Stem cell technology and tissue culture
  • Personalised medicine
  • Glycosaminoglycan sugars

Her clients include government research organisations, universities and multinational companies.

Frances provides regular seminars and clinics for some of her university clients.

She is a regular business visitor to Singapore and the US.

She has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Bristol. Her PhD in molecular plant genetics is from the University of Edinburgh and focussed on the role of phytochrome photoreceptors in root development in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Frances joined Mewburn Ellis LLP in 2007, qualifying as a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney in 2011. She joined the partnership in 2015.

t: +44 (0)161 247 7722
e: frances.salisbury@mewburn.com
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