Prokarium raises $10m for thermostable vaccines

Prokarium raises $10m for thermostable vaccines

01 March 2018

Our client Prokarium, a UK biotech company, has raised $10 million to develop a game-changing synthetic biology technique to create a new generation of vaccines. These vaccines could be taken orally and would not have to be kept in a refrigerator.

The proprietary synthetic biology platform Vaxonella, developed by the firm, enables thermostable microbes to be taken orally. These then produce vaccines from inside the body’s own immune cells that trigger all arms of immunity with minimal side effects and at lower costs than injectable vaccines.

The funding will be used by Prokarium to develop its new vaccines against Chlamydia, C.difficile and enteric fever (typhoid and paratyphoid), as well as expand the team for R&D in immune-oncology.

Prokarium is a spin-out from Cobra Biologics, established in 2012.

Read the full press release.

Partner Nick Sutcliffe works with Prokarium on aspects of their IP portfolio.

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