Having one of the largest and most widely respected life sciences patent teams in Europe has made us the number one choice for patent protection and advice in the biotechnology sector.


We have a large and vastly experienced team, shaped by our long experience working on patents for high profile biotechnology inventions.  We filed one of the first patent applications for a recombinant protein/genetic engineering invention at the European Patent Office almost 40 years ago – so we have been working to protect these inventions since the earliest days of the industry. We have also been heavily involved in major decisions of the European Patent Office Boards of Appeal that have shaped the EPOs practice in dealing with biotechnology inventions.

Biotechnology patents

Our biotechnology sector team can help you prepare, obtain, defend and enforce patents for biotechnology inventions around the world.

Our team is large enough and sufficiently well-established to have built up considerable expertise in all areas of biotechnology including industrial biotechnology such as enzyme technology and biofuel production (working alongside our cleantech team) and agricultural biotechnology such as genetic modification of plants/crops and animals (working alongside our agricultural science and food & beverage teams).

Furthermore, our team is world-renowned for their work in medical biotechnology including biologics, monoclonal antibodies, pharmacogenomics, gene therapy, genetic testing, diagnostics and regenerative medicine (working alongside our pharmaceutical team)

Biologics patent experts

Attorneys in the team were the European representatives for half of the top ten selling biologic drugs of 2012/2013 and also involved in an opposition against another. The combined annual sales for these drugs amounted to around $40 billion. Mewburn Ellis is consistently regarded as a leading choice for IP protection among the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies.

Our biotechnology team has an excellent reputation for its opposition & appeal work before the European Patent Office. A number of our partners working in this sector spend the vast majority of their time working on these contentious proceedings for large multi-national corporates and they have an enviable success rate.

The team has also been very successful in applying its in-depth knowledge and experience to successfully protect biotechnology inventions arising from universities & research institutions. We have also developed multi-jurisdictional IP portfolios for numerous biotechnology start-up & spin-out companies, many of which have gone on to successful IPO, acquisition or expansion.

IP support for the biotechnology sector

We have an experienced team who are well placed to obtain Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) to extend the protection for patented active ingredients present in pharmaceutical formulations and plant protection products. Our Plant Variety Rights (PVR) team is also available to help those clients working with new crops or horticultural plant varieties.

Our patent and trade mark attorneys are well supported by our legal services team who have considerable experience in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and dealing with IP-related regulatory issues. They have particular experience working with biotechnology clients. They can also help in preparing and negotiating transactional agreements.

We are happy to provide IP training at any level within your business. If you are part of a legal team that has a need for extra support, our in-house assistance service may be ideal for you.

Our renewals service is a reliable and cost-effective way of dealing with renewal fee payments for all IP rights across the biotechnology sector.

Trade mark advice for the biotechnology sector

Our large, competent team of trade mark experts helps our biotechnology clients to secure trade mark protection, in the UK, the EU and internationally where required. They are well known for successfully handling complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings, often in tandem with negotiating settlement agreements with the help of our dispute resolution team.

All of our patent and trade mark attorneys have sound business acumen and can provide practical, commercially-focused business advice. We can make sure IP rights are being exploited to the full and that future filings are in line with commercial goals.