Computer software


The computer software industry is a fast growing industry that touches on all aspects of our day-today lives. Although patent protection is not always available for certain types of software, there are many technical areas in which software can be protected by patents, and it is anticipated that the number of software patents is set to rise.

Computer software

At Mewburn Ellis, our IP experts can help you ensure that you obtain the IP protection you need for your computer software innovations and branding to ensure that you can secure and maintain a competitive edge in this exciting industry sector.

Software patents

Our competent team of patent attorneys drawn from our electronics, computing & physics patent team can help you obtain and enforce commercially valuable patent rights in the UK and Europe. They also have a good understanding of the law relating to software patents in many other countries and can call on a well-established network of foreign associates to help you obtain patent protection all over the world.

And if there is a need to defend a granted software patent or to attack a problematic patent owned by a competitor, our patent attorneys have extensive experience of both defensive and offensive oppositions at the EPO.

Trade mark advice for the computer software sector

Our team of trade mark experts helps our computer software clients to secure trade mark protection in the UK, the EU and around the globe. They have extensive experience of handling complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings, often in parallel with negotiating settlement agreements with the help of our dispute resolution team.

IP support for the computer software sector

The team has experience of working with a wide range of clients – from start-ups to large multinational corporate clients.  We are known for our flexible working practices and you can be confident that we will tailor our advice to your specific requirements, budgets and commercial goals.

All of our patent and trade mark attorneys have a genuine interest and good understanding of the business needs of the computer software sector and can provide practical, commercially-focused IP business advice.

Our in-house legal services team has considerable experience in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and transactional IP issues including IP recordal.

And if there is a need for IP training within your business or you are part of a legal team that would benefit from our in-house assistance service, you will find Mewburn Ellis straightforward to work with and mindful of your commercial goals.

Finally, our renewals service can help with payment of renewal fees for all IP rights across the computer software sector.