Nanotechnology has pushed the boundaries of science further than we could have imagined. Whether encompassing exciting new applications using molecular self-assembly or the direct control of matter on the atomic scale, nanotech continues to impact on a wide range of technologies.


Patents are now being granted for nano-materials and devices for underlying nano-structures, for products incorporating these structures, and for developments in the processes for fabrication, measurement and testing at the nano-scale. We are perfectly placed to make sure you get IP protection for your nanotech inventions.

Cross-disciplinary team of IP attorneys

Our nanotech industry team reflects the cross-disciplinary nature of inventions in this field. It is made up of attorneys from all our patent teams – chemistry & materials, life sciences, engineering, and electronics, computing & physics. For complex cases, we can bring together a team of two or more people with the necessary mix of technical backgrounds.

Areas in which team members have particular experience include:

  • Nanoscale materials
  • Biological nanoparticles
  • Nanomaterials in laser applications
  • Nanoscale imaging techniques
  • Nanoelectronics

The team has a genuine academic interest in nanotech and attorneys enjoy attending nanotech conferences to ensure that their knowledge remains up to date.

Using the lessons learned from Biotech patenting

It is to be expected that the EPO, like other patent offices, will have difficulties in carrying out reliable prior art searches for early nanotech inventions. The early days of biotech patenting threw up similar problems for patent offices. The EPO developed complex case law for such situations, providing the basis for inventive step and sufficiency objections against broad claims in any technical field.

We are able to draw on our wealth of experience of biotech patenting at the EPO, and apply the lessons learned to the nanotech sector in order to ensure that our clients’ inventions are given the broadest and strongest possible protection.

We also have a detailed understanding of the EPO’s opposition & appeal procedures, both offensive and defensive, in all aspects of technology. We anticipate there will be oppositions to commercially valuable nanotech patents. Our nanotech industry team, whether attacking or defending patents in this area, will use their experience to protect our clients’ interests to the full.

IP Support for nanotech clients

Our patent attorneys are well supported by our legal services team who have considerable experience in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and dealing with IP-related regulatory issues. They can also help in preparing and negotiating transactional agreements. They have already amassed a wealth of experience working within the nanotech sector.

Members of the legal service team also assist our in-house dispute resolution team who are on hand if contentious issues arise.

The team is happy to provide IP training at any level within your business and they are also happy to provide in-house assistance for IP matters either as a short-term measure in particularly busy times or on a regular on-going basis. We have already provided in-house IP legal support to one of our nanotech clients who found it invaluable.

Our renewals service has extensive experience of dealing with renewal fee payments for all IP rights across the world.

Trade mark protection for the nanotech sector

Our large, competent team of trade mark experts helps our nanotech clients to protect their trade marks, in the UK, the EU and internationally where required. They have considerable experience in successfully handling complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings, often in tandem with negotiating settlement agreements with the help of our dispute resolution team.