Oil & gas


The global demand for energy is ever-increasing in the industrialised world, with much of the increased demand coming from the emerging markets. Technological developments in finding, accessing and exploiting new oil & gas reserves with increased efficiency and reduced wastage have a huge part to play in meeting this demand.

Oil & gas

In order to reap the benefits of these technological advances, IP protection is imperative and, at Mewburn Ellis, we have a team of IP experts on hand to assist our clients in the oil & gas sector to make sure that all of their intellectual property is fully protected to help them maintain their competitive edge.

Patents for the oil & gas sector

Working alongside our cleantech sector team that specialises in renewable energy sources, our oil & gas sector team has experience working on:

  • Exploration
  • Processing and analysis of drill cuttings
  • Off-shore drilling operations including downhole drilling tools, broken tool recovery systems, blowout preventers, and drilling fluid systems
  • Heave compensators for floating drilling platforms
  • Oil/gas transportation pipelines

Our patent attorneys in the team are drawn from our chemistry & materials, engineering and electronics, computing & physics patent teams and they can obtain and enforce patents to protect your technical innovations in the UK and Europe. And if you need patent protection outside of Europe, they have a trusted network of foreign associates who are on hand to assist.

With considerable experience of both defensive and offensive opposition & appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office, the patent attorneys in the team will do their utmost to ensure your granted patents are robustly defended in the event of opposition by a third party. And if a third party has a granted patent that causes you concern, our patent attorneys can assess its relevance and launch an opposition if appropriate.

Trade mark advice for the oil & gas sector

Our well-established team of trade mark experts helps our oil & gas sector clients to protect their trade marks, in the UK, the EU and internationally where required. They have a proven track record in successfully handling complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings, often in parallel with negotiating settlement agreements with the help of our dispute resolution team.

All of our patent and trade mark attorneys in the oil & gas sector team have a sound business acumen and can provide practical, commercially-focused IP business advice including strategic advice on IP portfolio management.

IP support for the oil & gas sector

Our in-house legal services team has considerable experience in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and in transactional IP matters. Members of the legal service team also assist our in-house dispute resolution team who are on hand if contentious issues arise, especially if there is any question or infringement of IP rights.

The oil & gas sector team is happy to provide IP training tailored to suit your business needs and they are also happy to provide in-house assistance for IP matters either as a short-term measure in particularly busy times or on a regular on-going basis.

Our renewals service provides a reliable and cost-effective option for dealing with renewal fee payments for all IP rights around the globe.