At Mewburn Ellis we have one of the most widely respected pharmaceutical IP teams in Europe. We are the leading choice for IP protection in this area.


Our expert team is made up of life sciences and chemistry patent attorneys who, along with our trade mark attorneys have worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical clients – from large UK and foreign multinationals to numerous start-ups.

Number one choice for biologic and small molecule drug protection

Mewburn Ellis attorneys were the European representatives for half of the top ten selling biologic drugs of 2012/2013 and also involved in an opposition against another. The combined annual sales for these drugs amounted to around $40 billion. Our life sciences patent attorneys working in the pharmaceutical sector are consistently regarded as a leading choice for IP protection among the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies. And our chemistry patent attorneys in the team also have a proven track record in the pharmaceutical sector, drafting and prosecuting many hundreds of applications directed to small molecule drugs and modulators, synthesis methods, polymorphic forms and pharmaceutical formulations. They work for a wide range of pharmaceutical companies from multinational corporations to start-ups and spin outs.

Pharmaceutical oppositions at EPO

The high R&D costs incurred by pharmaceutical companies mean that patent protection is essential for them and so successfully defending granted patents during opposition is vital. Equally important is attacking third party patents that present a barrier to the market. Our pharmaceutical team are well known for their technically and legally robust work during EPO oppositions & appeals, both defending and opposing granted patents. Some of our senior members in the team spend the majority of their time working on opposition & appeal work, often taking over cases at the opposition/appeal stage as a result of the recognition in the sector of their impressive success rate. The pharmaceutical team is well supported by our SPC team who have considerable experience in obtaining supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) to extend the protection for patented active ingredients present in pharmaceutical formulations.

Trade mark advice for the pharmaceutical sector

Our well respected team of trade mark experts have considerable experience in securing trade marks for our pharmaceutical clients and advising them on the adoption of trade marks, in terms of availability to use and register. They are well known for successfully handling complex and multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings, often in tandem with negotiating settlement agreements with the help of our dispute resolution team. All of our patent and trade mark attorneys strive to provide practical, commercially-focused business advice to our pharmaceutical clients. Many of them have considerable expertise in the strategic management of pharmaceutical IP portfolios.

IP support for the pharmaceutical sector

Our patent and trade mark attorneys are well supported by our legal services team who have considerable experience in the pharmaceutical sector in assisting with exploitation of IP rights and dealing with IP-related regulatory issues. They can also help in preparing and negotiating transactional agreements such as disposals & acquisitions, collaborations, options, pipeline, technology transfer and licensing agreements. And our dispute resolution team is always on hand to deal with any contentious issues, especially if there are potential infringement issues. If there is a need for IP training at any level within your business or you are part of a legal team that would benefit from our in-house assistance service, you will find Mewburn Ellis easy to work with and understanding of your commercial goals. Finally, our renewals service provides a cost effective option for paying renewal fees for all IP rights across the pharmaceutical sector.