The transport industry sector is vast both in terms of its turnover and in terms of its impact on our day to day lives. The industry is constantly striving to improve vehicle performance, improve safety and reduce the environmental impact. In such a fast-paced industry, IP protection is essential for companies to maintain their competitive edge.


Working for wide range of clients, from small, UK-based manufacturers of engine parts and vehicle components to multi-national, world-renowned engine, vehicle and safety system manufacturers, our attorneys have the technical expertise and commercial understanding to ensure that you develop an appropriate, commensurate IP strategy to meet your business needs.

Patents for the transport industry

The patent attorneys in our transport sector team are drawn from our engineering, electronics, computing & physics and chemistry & materials groups. Between them they have considerable experience and a proven track record in obtaining and enforcing patent protection in the automotive, aeronautical, rail and marine industries.

Their technical expertise encompasses all aspects of vehicle motors and engines, transmission systems, steering column components, gearing systems, braking systems, vehicle structural bodies, safety systems and vehicle electronics. They also have notable success working with clients to obtain patent protection for fuel cells, batteries and materials for catalytic converters.

And if there is a need to defend a granted patent or to attack a problematic patent owned by a competitor, the patent attorneys working in the transport sector have an exemplary record for both defensive and offensive oppositions at the European Patent Office.

Trade mark and design protection

As well as protecting technical innovations, it is also vitally important to many in the transport sector, especially in the automotive business, to protect their branding and the aesthetic design of their vehicles. Our competent team of trade mark attorneys and design experts can help to obtain this protection both in the UK, Europe/the EU and around the globe if needed.

Our trade mark team are renowned for their success in handing multi-jurisdictional disputes through both opposition and other contentious proceedings. They often work with our dispute resolution team to negotiate settlement agreements in parallel with contentious proceedings.

Our design experts are well placed to obtain registered design rights around the globe as well as advising on unregistered design rights in the UK and Europe. And design protection is valuable not just for the overall appearance of a vehicle but also for the design of components parts.

IP Support for the transport sector

Our patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and design experts are well supported by our legal services team who have considerable experience in assisting with the exploitation of IP rights and in transactional IP matters. For example, they can help in preparing and negotiating transactional agreements such as disposals & acquisitions, collaborations, options, pipeline, technology transfer and licensing agreements.

Members of the legal service team also assist the dispute resolution team who can help if any contentious issues arise, be they patent-, trade mark- or design-related.

The transport sector team is happy to provide in-house assistance for IP matters either as a short-term measure in particularly busy times or on a regular on-going basis. They can also provide IP training at any level within your business, tailoring their content and style to suit your requirements.

Finally, our renewals service can help with payment of renewal fees for all IP rights across the transport sector all around the world.