Patents - Electronics, computing & physics


In any high tech sector, rapid advances in technology make protecting and enforcing IP rights critical for a company’s growth. Our team at Mewburn Ellis has an impressive record of success in this highly technical, complex field.

Patents - Electronics, computing & physics

All our attorneys working in the electronics, computing & physics sectors have degrees, often PhDs, in the physical sciences. They are uniquely well placed to obtain patents for the cutting-edge technologies developed by our clients.

Working across the field

We enjoy working for a wide range of clients including corporates, IP attorneys, start-ups and universities. We have particular expertise working for Asian electronics companies. Our team is always conscious that different clients have different requirements, and we make sure we tailor our approach to match their needs. We have substantial experience across a wide range of industrial sectors, including electronics & electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer hardware & software, semiconductors, medtech and nanotech.

Business method and software patents

Our attorneys working in the electronics, computing and physics fields also have experience in advising on the patenting of business methods and computer software. It is an area where the law is complex, subject to change and varies between jurisdictions. It is fundamental for anyone seeking to protect business methods or software, to work with a patent attorney who understands the pitfalls. Clients working with Mewburn Ellis can be confident our attorneys will have the highly technical expertise to help achieve the best possible outcome.

Support for contentious IP matters

One of the lead members of our dispute resolution team has a technical background in electronics and communications. This means our clients can be confident they will be well supported in any contentious IP matters, particularly where infringement issues arise. Our legal services team is also available to support our patent attorneys working in electronics, computing and physics. They have considerable experience both in advising on IP rights during transactions and then, following such transactions, in the recordal of the transfer of worldwide IP rights that is often necessary.

Obtaining and enforcing electronics, computing and physics patents

We cover all aspects of obtaining and enforcing engineering patents including:

  • Obtaining patent rights in the UK and Europe
  • Defending and opposing patent rights during EPO opposition proceedings
  • Enforcing patent rights in the UK and Europe
  • Assisting with transactions involving patent rights
  • Advising on contentious matters involving patent rights
  • Searching and monitoring third party patent rights
  • Providing opinions on the validity and infringement of patent rights
  • Providing advice on the patentability of innovations
  • Providing freedom-to-operate opinions prior to market entry
  • Providing business advice on the management of existing patent portfolios and future filing strategies
  • Carrying out due diligence for vendors and investors
  • Providing training on all IP matters including patents
  • Providing in-house assistance
  • Patent renewal fee payment